A modular storage concept using interlocking blocks arranged in a variety of ways to create different sized compartments.
Assemble against a wall, around corners, up stairs and even around existing furniture. The 3D block system generates flexible assemblies which wrap around fixed structures or lock into themselves to create strong, stable storage pillars.
CBlocks are flat packed, pre drilled and come supplied with fixing screws. Simply follow the numbering and assemble in minutes.
Your belongings are not all the same size or shape. Stuffed toys, books, folders, jewellery, condiments and everything else. Big and small, round, square or blob. So cblocks come in different shapes and sizes, which can be assembled to create compartments for those funny shaped things.
You may not need all the blocks, or maybe you do. Get them in sets so you can mix and match.
Solid colors, wood grain, textures and even chequerplate or clear plastic. CBlocks are avaliable in a range of colors and finishes to suit any home or commercial display application.